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Private STEAM School in Lake Orion, MI

Soaring Ahead

"Beyond the incredible academics, the staff encourages thoughtfulness and kindness, and it resonates in everyone I have met, including the parents." - ECA Parent

Why Eagle Creek Academy?

Challenging Lessons

Small Groups

Advanced Math Options

Diverse & Inclusive Community

At Eagle Creek Academy, children learn and grow in a world of experienced teachers, small groups, internationally recognized curriculum, customized lessons and strong friendships. 

Join Eagle Creek today and give your child the chance to soar. 

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I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and the Alpine and Eagle Creek teams for going above and beyond to take care of our entire family. We have loved our time at your schools. My daughter absolutely loved visiting the kindergarten class today, and she’ll be “official” come tomorrow. The accommodations everyone has made have been exceptional, and the warm welcome from all has truly made it feel like a homecoming. Eagle Creek's principal has been phenomenal in accepting our family and making everything work. I want to thank you for what you’ve created and nurtured throughout the years. The love you’ve put into your team and the schools families truly shows. I am so grateful for more time together and am beyond impressed with how the “cozy hug” feel of Alpine seamlessly carries over to Eagle Creek. 
Mrs. Coury

"Since the first day, my daughter has felt immediately at ease upon arrival in her classroom. I appreciate the often daily updates, photos and videos. My daughter is flourishing in the small group and structured learning environment. Her confidence continues to build as she learns to sound out words, spell, and do simple addition. Beyond the incredible academics, the office sends out weekly newsletters that I really enjoy. The staff encourages thoughtfulness and kindness, and it resonates in everyone I have met, including the parents."

Mrs. Bielicki

"What a great choice we made! We moved over to Eagle Creek from public schools when the pandemic hit. Now, I wish I would have known about Eagle Creek sooner. My kids have grown so much from what they were doing before. The best thing is that they are going at their own level. The staff and teachers are amazing, all so friendly and helpful. I can reach out any time and get a quick response. If you are looking for a great school, I would strongly recommend Eagle Creek. My daughter loves it so much."

Mrs. Kelly

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