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An Inspiring Environment

Eagle Creek Academy is a lovely 55,000-square-foot building on 20 beautiful acres. 


With soaring windows and large sunlights, every area is bright and inviting, and the indoor woodwork and stonework add a cozy, homelike feel. 

Each classroom feels like a living room with live plants, real artwork, a private bathroom, and a kitchenette. The many sinks and countertops in each room allow us to do plenty of art and science projects right there in the room. 

We also love how large each of our classrooms is. This gives us the children many chances to get out of their seats and move around for pair work and group work. 

Behind the library and most of the classrooms, we have a raised deck so classes can go outside for snacks and activities. Sometimes, we bring camp chairs and books out there just to read for a while. 

In 2006, Eagle Creek won the prestigious Crow Island Award for best school design nationwide. This award is presented annually to one school “whose facilities exemplify the marriage of the environment to the educational program.”

Outdoors, our campus offers many opportunities for exploration with woodlands, wetlands, a pond, and a creek. We often see turkey, deer, fox, and other species on the property. Teachers and children find many reasons to get outdoors. Our summer club called Nature Art is one of the favorites.

We also have a huge sandbox, a gagaball pit, two playgrounds, two soccer fields, two half basketball courts, and a baseball field, because we really like being outside!

We’d love to show you around. Please let us know if you’d like to see our building and grounds and learn about our educational programs. 


Click on the image below to tour our school building. Start in our foyer and beautiful library, and navigate to each place with an X on the ground. In the east wing, you can view two preschool classrooms. In the west wing, you can view the art room, the 4th-grade classroom, the STEAM room, and then continue to the cafeteria and the gym. 

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