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Eagle Creek Academy

Founder's Message



Over the years, Eagle Creek has thrived by hiring extremely experienced teachers and working with children in very small groups. ECA families love that we know their children well and plan our lessons just for them.


Children like coming to school when they get to do experiments and work on projects. They also appreciate how well we key into their passions. At these ages, recognizing children's strengths and building their self-confidence is the route to rigorous learning. 


Because we are serious about preparing children for an increasingly global world, we are always using the newest technology. This includes 3D printers, green screens, coding lessons, and many other exciting opportunities. It also means we have a full-time dedicated STEAM teacher (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) who integrates learning in those disciplines.


One priority is to keep Eagle Creek as diverse as possible. This includes enrolling children of all nationalities, religions, cultures, income levels, ability levels, and so on. I love visiting a classroom when a parent is sharing his or her family heritage with the children.

Interestingly, although we do not "teach to the test,” in all grade levels, our students consistently average well above the national average on the NWEA standardized tests. This is one indicator that our methods work.


As you may know, Eagle Creek is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity. This means that nobody gains a profit from Eagle Creek. Each year, we invest our leftover funds back into the school for future wonderful years.

Here at Eagle Creek, we believe in children and where they are going. The result is excellent instruction and guidance that you can believe in.

Cathy Hammond

Cathy Hammond


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