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Soaring Ahead

a STEAM school

a private school in Lake Orion, Michigan
serving elementary students, preschool children and toddlers



Eagle Creek’s children are unique and amazing individuals who love the challenges of a STEAM education and soar in school and beyond.

Friday Date NightBabysitting til 9 pm

At Eagle Creek​

The children are in small classes so we can offer customized lessons.

We do a lot of hands-on activities because children learn best when they are actively engaged.

We specialize in STEAM, an integration of science, technology, engineering, art and math because this is the future.

Each class is like a small family where the children & their families develop strong friendships that last a lifetime.

Love and joy are the greatest teachers.

From Mrs. Deering, an Eagle Creek Teacher

"When I first experienced ECA, I was so intrigued! We have a gorgeous building with big classrooms, natural light and wooded areas all around. I love the giant eagles when you walk in the front doors. To me, the entire campus shouts inspiration and the opportunity for unique learning, soaring above and beyond what we think we might be capable of. The small class size really allows the children to create lasting bonds, and as a teacher, I can truly get to know my kids and their families. I like how each classroom, with its welcoming mood and cozy furniture, feels like home. Yes, we offer a solid academic foundation, but ECA is more about developing strong bonds and taking learning to new heights."

From Mrs. Zambrano, an Eagle Creek Parent

"A lot of schools say they differentiate so each child has a chance to excel, but at Eagle Creek, they really do it. My son has moved up two reading levels and now loves to write, and my girl gets to do all the STEAM she dreams about. I applaud ECA for following through. Thank you!”



​"Since the first day, my daughter has felt immediately at ease upon arrival in her classroom. I appreciate the often daily updates, photos and videos. My daughter is flourishing in the small group and structured learning environment. Her confidence continues to build as she learns to sound out words, spell, and do simple addition. Beyond the incredible academics, the office sends out weekly newsletters that I really enjoy. The staff encourages thoughtfulness and kindness, and it resonates in everyone I have met, including the parents."

Mrs. Bielicki

Soaring Ahead


average number of children per K-5 class

1,320 sq. ft.

average room size

18 yrs.

teacher experience on average



ECA grade levels that average above the national average on all NWEA standardized tests

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