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Rent Eagle Creek

You Can Rent Eagle Creek's
Building and Athletic Fields

Eagle Creek is more than a school. It is the prettiest building in northern Oakland county. Hundreds of renters have been thrilled to find us. You'll be happy, too!

Eagle Creek Rental

Why Choose Eagle Creek

Easy to Rent

We use a simple contract, and we can help plan your event.

We look forward to making your event special at a price that meets your budget.

Our 55,000 sq. ft. building won the national 2005 Crow Island Award for Best Design.

We have a full commercial kitchen,, several pretty areas for pictures, and more!

Family Time Special

  • Choose the gym or the library.

  • Gym: basketballs, jump ropes, floor hockey, hula hoops, tumbling mats, balance beam, bowling pins, and more (or bring you own).

  • Library: circle of couches, Lego wall, playhouse, mini-puppet stage, super-size Connect 4, toys, books, tables and chairs.

  • Choose your time slot: after-school, on the weekend, or during the holidays.

  • Up to 25 people for $75 per hour.

  • Available to all families, whether or not their children attend ECA.

  • No food or drink

  • If you want to invite more than 25 people or have food & drink, please see our regular rates.

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