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art projects in first grade

Why Eagle Creek?

At Eagle Creek Academy, our small classes are led by experienced, nurturing teachers. 

We recognize that
each child is an individual, and we plan lessons that challenge each child right where he or she needs it.  

We offer children a steady stream of
guided lessons, using internationally recognized curriculum materials such as Math in Focus.

We also know that children are
natural learners and need opportunities to use their hands, get out of their seats, and work in groups. Eagle Creek students often learn in action with their friends on child-led projects

At Eagle Creek, all children have the opportunity to do
math at grade-level or beyond. Sometimes, we have higher math groups within a classroom, and sometimes we invite children to join the next grade up. 

Every Eagle Creek grade K-5 scores
well above the national average on the NWEA standardized tests. 

We have huge, sunny spaces, including fourteen classrooms, a library, a gym, a stage, a cafeteria, a commercial kitchen, an art room, and a stimulating STEAM lab, not to mention 20 acres with great playgrounds and athletic fields. 

Most importantly, we enjoy building
strong, long-lasting relationships. We love that our students' families become friends, and that they grow close to our staff. This comfortable, loving community is one of the best things about Eagle Creek.

Come visit us, and see how we find the
perfect balance between fun and learning. 

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