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Thank you for your interest in Eagle Creek Academy!


Core Teachers

Not currently hiring

  • We hire core teachers core teachers for school-year and summer programs. 

  • Classes usually range from 10 to 16 students. 

  • We follow the Oakland ISD calendar.

  • Please send a cover letter stating the program that interests you and why.

  • On your resume, make it clear for how many years you have taught each age level.

  • We look forward to hearing from you!

Elective Teachers

Not currently hiring

  • Our electives include Gym, Art, Music, STEAM, and Spanish.

  • Our elective teachers are experts in their areas. For example, the art teacher is an artist.

  • Please send a cover letter and a resume that clearly states how many years you have taught at each age level.

Substitute Teachers

Always interviewing

  • Our substitutes have many years of classroom experience.

  • We usually give our substitutes plenty of advance warning. 

  • Please send us an email.

Admin & Support Staff

  • Our admin team and support staff include our principal, assistant principal, school secretary, business director, facility manager, custodians, and extended care teachers.

  • Send us an email!

Not currently hiring


Currently interviewing

  • ECA tutors are experienced classroom teachers who can tutor a range of material, including K-5 reading, writing, and math.

  • Click here to apply for an ECA tutoring position. 


  • We hire employees of any age, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, and sexual orientation.

  • We do not allow discrimination in our hiring, scheduling, or treatment of any employee.

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